Reframing your life

Reframing your lifeHow to think differently and act differently


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This course is part of a series:

  • Reframing Corona – using Reframing and Paradigm Shifts to rethink life and work during a global pandemic
  • Reframing personal questions: this course.
  • Reframing work, organisations, leadership, and business models: see my Innovation Mindset course.
  • Reframing societal change: see my Paradigm Shifts course.

Reframing is a technique to change the way you look at the world, and to change the way you act in the world. Changing your thinking, and changing your behaviour. It’s a five-step technique to turn the things that irritate you, that frustrate you, or that cause you pain, into new situations where you are in control, and which you enjoy. It’s a way to design your own way of acting in the world.

I use real-life examples of people who have use Reframing to change the way they look at themselves, to get a new perspective on their environment, or to become less fearful. They have used these new perspectives to make lasting changes in their lives.

Reframing is not difficult, though you should really follow the steps closely for it to give you a truly exciting and liberating perspective. It can also be a lot of fun.

I started developing this specific Reframing technique in 2004, and have taught it to thousands of people in workshops and lectures all over the world since then. I published the book Reframing – the art of thinking differently in 2012.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to think and act differently
  • Anyone who wants to get a new perspective on a situation
  • Anyone who wants to change their behaviour

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