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Trade Hull – Algo Trading Course

Learn Algo Trading Change the way you Trade! We teach how to write ALGOs from scratch – You don’t need any prior coding or stock market experience. We have been working with Successful retail traders, PMS providers, Fund Managers and mid/ big investors, they all think and act differently. In our observation, the difference between […]

Market Fluidity – Unlearn and Relearn

Market Fluidity focuses on the movements of candles. Without truly understanding candles, it is really hard to read price and anticipate moves. The program is designed to teach you HOW to read stories from candles and how to EFFECTIVELY use it in your day to day trading. Invest in the skill set, and let your […]

Blue Capital Academy – The Box Strategy

Benefits: Learn how to trade with ZERO indicators. Become a MASTER by only understanding Market structure. Be INDEPENDENT in as little as 30 days. Blue Capital Academy was founded by traders to help traders. As full time traders, we realized what it takes to provide hands on education to help students change their lives.

Forex Advanced – Prophetic Pips Academy

The Only Forex Education You Will Ever Need! Become an ELITE TRADER with incredible Precision in the markets with Our “FOREX ADVANCED” Course! This compounds our basic course and gives you the “SECRET STRATEGY” we use to win 95% of our trades! This course is for the more seasoned trader.