Peter van Zijl – Find Winning Products Course

How To Find Exciting Unique Products That No One Else Is Selling

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • How to quickly and easily identify untapped markets and niches to go into…and then match them up with products that you KNOW are going to sell (that hardly anyone else is selling)
  • The simple repeatable process to finding a unique product and then tweaking it (without changing anything on the product)….so that it transforms into an “I can’t say no I need this right now” purchase
  • A simple trick that forces Etsy to reveal amazing products you’d never have thought of looking for (this is as simple as a few clicks)
  • The exact script I use to forge strong partnerships with product creators…all you need to do is copy and paste and you’re ready to roll!
  • An easy way to quickly identify hot trends…then unearth hot products that you can quickly start selling yourself
  • How to find unique gifts that your competition will never find…and perfectly position them to and sell them like hotcakes on special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  • A sneaky (but ethical) strategy to finding products that are already selling in their thousands…and quickly jump on the bandwagon to create a flood of new sales.
  • A powerful technique to finding niche specific, red hot products that almost no one else is selling…and completely dominate that market.
  • The two angles you must use when using Google to find suppliers…do this and you’ll find much more targeted products much quicker (hardly anyone does this).
  • How to piggyback off your competition’s hard work and reveal their top selling products…and use those concepts to build winner after winner.
  • Tap into Shopify’s market place and find thousands of products ready to go (and avoid the fatal mistake that lots of people make that can kill your business)
  • A relatively unknown company that has thousands of personalized products that are ready for you to sell (without ever touching inventory).
  • How to cash in on message card jewelry and take advantage of huge margins (I’ll show exactly how to find messages that resonate with your target market)
  • My personal suppliers and underground dropship companies that have amazing untouched products
  • Constantly updated to make sure you’re the first to know of new products to sell and companies to work with…
  • Where to find white label supplements and beauty products that you never have to touch to selling your store (with NO minimums)
  • A little known site similar to Etsy that is an absolute gold mine for cool stuff to sell
  • The 3 word phrase you can use in Google that pulls tons of untouched companies who want you to sell their products

Peter van Zijl - Find Winning Products Course

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