Naturopathy for Covid-19

Naturopathy for Covid-19

How to Combat Covid-19 with Nutrition and Naturopathic Products. This course is based on the very latest research.

What You’ll Learn

  • The naturopathic approach to help prevent Covid-19 infection
  • The naturopathic approach to combat a Covid-19 infection
  • Nutrition advice to prevent and combat virus respiratory infections in general
  • Which nutritional deficiencies are most important to prevent


  • No previous study required
  • This course is not a substitute for medical advice. In case of illness, consult a doctor.

Naturopathy for Covid-19 Description

The School of Modern Naturopathy has based this course on the very latest research as at July 2021. Everything in the course is supported by medical research studies and clinical trials. There are a large number of trials currently taking place, testing the anti-Covid effects of everything from vitamin C and selenium, to honey and pineapple extract.

You will learn which foods will most help you, both for prevention, and if you develop Covid symptoms. Advice on supplementation is also given.

Section One

Covid-19 prevention. What are the priorities? Part I

Section Two

Covid-19 Prevention. What are the priorities? Part II

Section Three

I have symptoms of flu or Covid-19. What should I do?

Section Four

How Covid-19 attaches itself to our cells. Can we prevent it?

Section Five

What is severe Covid-19, and why do some people get it?

Naturopathy for Covid-19 consists of five video lectures, and two downloadable pdf resources. The pdfs summarize the practical advice given in the video lectures, and also include the School of Modern Naturopathy’s anti-viral vitamin C protocol.

Who this course is for

  • Those who are interested in the naturopathic approach to combat viruses

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