Marcia Wieder – Online Dream Coach CertificationModule 1: Welcome and Overview
Get clear on your dream, learn to believe in yourself and get ready to take action so that you can live your life with integrity and purpose.

Module 2: Keep Your Agreements
Learn why keeping agreements is essential to building self-trust, and learn new strategies to solidify your self-confidence so that you are not afraid to take risks.

Module 3: Your Soul’s Intention
You need to set intentions for who you want to be. BUT.. intention alone is not enough. Learn how to align intention with integrity so that you can stay the course to making your dreams come true.

Module 4: No More Now What?
Learn how to say “No more” to the things that are keeping you from living your life on purpose so that you can clear your schedule and say. “Now what?” and plan to do the things that matter to you.

Module 5: Turn Your Life Right Side UP
In this module, you will learn to discover and fine-tune your purpose. Get clear on what it is you are really meant to do.

Module 6: Wake Up Your Dreamer
Your inner dreamer will lie dormant no more! In this video, you will learn how to create your “big dream” in all of its details. Remember: dream freely

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