Jack Born – Stealth Selling

Stealth Selling: How to Use Teaching and Selling to Grow the Impact of Your Email Marketing

Learn how to blend teaching and selling so that every single email in your campaign moves your readers closer to becoming customers. 8+ hours of video training, slides, and more!

No more awkward shifts from “pure teaching” to “pure selling” in your emails

You’ll weave your selling into your teaching so even your first email to a new subscriber is moving them closer to a sale. Every email you send will have a persuasion purpose

Module 1: Persuasive Teaching

Learn why it’s so critical to have every email move the sale forward – even your teaching emails! I’ll show you how to boost the value of your free information with pre-framing, how to present the shift in mindset, and how this sets the stage for your offer in advance of the actual pitch.

Module 2: Selling With Stories

Write story-based emails that captivate your audience and serve a business purpose. Plus resources, tips, and tools to help you get people’s attention, connect with your audience, improve your stories, and connecting that to your call to action.

Module 3: The Lightbulb Moment

Discover how to give your audience renewed hope, and lead people to the realization of “Oh, that’s why previous attempts haven’t worked!” Developing a Lightbulb Moment will give you the perfect environment to teach and move the sale forward at the same time.

Module 4: Rapid Know, Like, and Trust

Learn how to develop “know, like, and trust” very quickly by being vulnerable and open with your subscribers. I’ll introduce you to the concept of the “Reflection Character” in movies and how you can step into this role with your subscribers. And we’ll look at five questions you can use to jump start your brain for coming up with “vulnerable” email stories.

Jack Born – Stealth Selling

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