Introduction to Software Testing or Software QA

Introduction to Software Testing or Software QALearn what software testing or software qa is, how to get started and where to learn. A start of a new career.


  • The course is thought in English
  • You should be familiar with software, websites and apps just know what they are
  • That is all you need to know to understand the discussion. This is top level discussion of software testing.


This is a quick introduction to the field of Software Testing or Software QA. Software testing is a great field to be in. As we all know our lives are being dependent on software in every aspect. Which mean so much software is being created and which means everything that gets created must be tested. This is a good indication of software testing has amazing potential as a career. If you want a career in the software world then software testing is one of the easiest ways to get started in the field.

Manual testing and automation testing are both in high demand. This course will teach you how to get started in manual testing and automation testing as well as where to get the knowledge you need to get started.

The course will describe why QA career is such a respected and professional career. I cover what the roles and responsibilities of a software test engineer are and try to motivate you to pursue a career in this exciting field of software testing or software QA.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to know what software testing or software QA is.
  • Anyone looking for a new career.
  • Anyone looking to explore career options.
  • Anyone looking to learn how to get started in Software QA or Software Testing.

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