This DVD set explains and demonstrates a number of psychic hypnosis metaphysical experiential trance processes through which a hypnotist can guide a trance partner into a variety of experiences employing metaphysical constructs or other experiences for therapeutic, introspective, or recreational contexts.

Brian David Phillips – Psychic HypnosisThe DVDs contain the following:

– Psychic and metaphysical Trance Constructs
– Orientation to Ritual and Imaginative Power: Laboratory, Church, Temple, Coven, Theatre, Politics, Sport, and More
– Hypnosis as Formal Ritualized Context
– Magickal Thinking, Scientific Thinking, and How to Congruently Combine the Two in Clinical and Introspective Contexts
– Eye of Experiential Trance
– Clean Language and Session work with Psychic Techniques and metaphysical Processes (Guiding versus Leading, etc.)
– Astral Projection
– Aura Sight
– Automatic Drawing
– Automatic Writing
– Avatars and Archetypes
– Channeling and Guide Work
– Dream Walking
– Energizer
– Engineered Ecstatic Experiences
– Healing Energy Models
– Higher Self
– Hypnotic Talismans and Amulets
– Ideomotor Sigil
– Intuitive versus Academic Magick and the Hypnotist (The Witch, the Shaman, the Mage, and the Hypnotist)
– Ouija Boards
– Ouija Dancing
– Out of Body Experience
– Pendulum Ideomotor Questioning
– Remote Viewing
– Scrying (Crystal Gazing, Mirror, Pool, etc.)
– Shapeshifter (Adaptive Shamanic and Other Models)
– Soul Gazing
– Sprit Animal Guide
– Tarot Trance
– Thoughtforms (Energized and Otherwise)
– Trancedancing
– Dreamwalking
– Higher Self
– . . . and more!

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