Luke Fanders, Holly Stark – DR-UR Manipulation and Exploits Course

Luke Fanders, Holly Stark – DR-UR Manipulation and Exploits CourseDR-UR Manipulation Training and Exploits Course with Luke Fanders
Who is Luke Fanders ? The guy is a scary beast. I have learned quite a bit from him over the years. He’s a fun one to brain pick. He is the one that came to me about using exploits a couple of years back. He showed me some screenshots and I was like get the hell out of here. Really? Look at this he showed me. The traffic value is quite impressive.

What do you get in this training?

  • 6 Videos about how to setup exploits for different properties ie Youtube, GMB etc
  • Setting up Scrapebox
  • 5 Exploits lists that will give you a DR of 56/UR of 23 roughly
  • 2 Autoapprove SB lists (around 1 million links)
  • Comments List, General Anchors List

And as a BONUS to the buyers, we are giving out another 200 exploits to get you on your way.

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