Lepus Proprietary Trading – Prop Trading Firm

Lepus Proprietary Trading – Prop Trading FirmLepus Proprietary Trading

  • Improve your trading with internal training from Lepus Proprietary and Richard Jackson, a 20-year pro trader and owner of Jakson Capital, Wolverton Investment Group and Lepus Proprietary Trading?
  • Learn how you can become a trader and get allocated at Lepus Proprietary Trading.
  • For new and experienced traders.
  • How professionals view and trade the derivatives market – FX, Indices and commodities.
  • Overcome psychological & behavioural barriers that affect traders
  • Use reductionism to quantify trading signals

Engage in intensive Trading education:

Jackson Capital’s head of trading will teach you everything you need to know. There is no experience necessary! All that is required is an interest in and dedication to learning.

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