Erik Hoffmann – Presell First Action Plan

Don’t Risk ZERO Sales on Your Course Launch Day

Presell Your Course FIRST! Deliver It Later

The “Presell First Action Plan” is EVERYTHING You Need To Get Paid FIRST and Deliver Content LATER

  • Presell First Action Plan (value $247)
  • ​Before/After Sales Page Structure (value $97)
  • Low-Budget/Low-Risk Ad Strategy (value $97)
  • ​From 0 to 35k Presale Case Study (value $197)
  • ​Refund Eliminator (value $147)

7 Reasons to Presell Your Course Idea NOW:

  • Reason #1: No Content Marketing
    I don’t know how about you, but I hate creating free content every day. Spending 3–4 hours creating it, and only 16 people will see it? No, thank you. I would rather get paid for my course idea first and deliver content later. Want the same? Just follow the Presell First Action Plan.
  • Reason #2: No Wasted Time
    Don’t make the same mistake as many course creators and coaches do. They spend months creating a course (or coaching program), launch it, and… Crickets! It’s better to presell it first and get paid while you’re creating it.
  • Reason #3: No Followers Needed
    I had EXACTLY 0 followers, fans, subscribers, and people on my email list when I started. You don’t need any following either because your presale will build your list of buyers (not freebie seekers) for you.
  • Reason #4: No Testimonials Needed
    I made $87k in sales when I decided to put testimonials on the sales page (the funnel was converting customers so well that I didn’t need any testimonials). Remember: none of my buyers knew me at that time.
  • Reason #5: Profitability
    When I launched my first presale, I was profitable on Day 1. On average, for every $1 I spent on ads, I got $2 back. How much money would you spend on ads if you knew that you could turn each dollar on ads into $2 in sales?
  • Reason #6: Low Budget, Low Risk
    You don’t need a big budget for ads. I invested less than $25 to get my first $37 sale. And since then, I’ve used ONLY the money from my profit to run ads. I can’t guarantee you that you’ll get your first sale for 25 bucks, but definitely, you don’t need thousands of dollars just to test whether your funnel works or not.
  • Reason #7: Sell MORE for HIGHER Prices
    A paid mini course can create greater trust between you and your customers than ANY webinar or lead magnet out there. And this trust will help you to sell your high-ticket offer easier. No matter whether you sell a service, a mastermind, a course, or a coaching program.

The 4-STEP Presale Success Path

#1: Write a Sales Page

Writing a sales page might be a challenge if you don’t have a high-converting sales page structure.

Don’t worry. I’ll give you the structure based on the powerful before/after selling framework.

#2: Build a 2-Page Funnel

Say goodbye to complicated funnels. All you have to do is to build a simple 2-page funnel.

And YES, I have a pre-built funnel for you.

#3: Run Low-Risk Ads

Running ads doesn’t need to be scary and risky if you follow the low-budget, low-risk strategy.

Guess what? YES, you’re right. You’ll get this strategy, too.

#4: Celebrate

Congratulations. At this point, you have successfully presold dozens (or even hundreds) copies of your course.

Now it’s the right time to start building your course. Presell & scale FIRST, deliver LATER.

Erik Hoffmann – Presell First Action Plan

Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To Get Paid FIRST and Deliver Content LATER

The Presell First Action Plan

Forget about content overwhelm full of boring theory only.

The Presell First Action Plan is a step-by-step process with short instructional videos and (more importantly!) exact steps and checklists.

These action steps will help you immediately take action and start preselling your course idea in less than 5 days.

Bonus #1: Before / After Sales Page Structure

Never ever write your copy from scratch. Because it’s hard.

Make it easier for yourself. Use the before/after-sales page structure to write a high-converting copy… even if you haven’t written a copy before.

Bonus #2: Low-Budget, Low-Risk Ad Strategy

Scared of risking money on ads?

Inhale… Exhale… And calm down.

This low-budget, low-risk strategy for ad newbies covers your back. Just follow the process and start getting sales without risking a fortune.

Bonus #3: From 0 to 35k:

A Pre-sale Case Study

There’s nothing better than seeing a real live example of the Presell First strategy in action.

I’ll show you how I grew my Cook Your Copy mini offer from 0 to 35k in 4 weeks.

I’ll show you the exact sales page we used, the AB tests we run, and the successful (and unsuccessful) ads we launched.

From 0 to 35k. Everything.

Bonus #4: Refund Eliminator

Use these 2 easy-to-implement hacks to cut your refund rate by 50% and make your customers eager to get your course…


Your buyers are excited, and you save a ton of money.

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