Bitsgap Accelerator Course

Bitsgap Accelerator Course

What is it?

Bitsgap Accelerator is a 6-week online course. It shows the strategies and processes you can use to grow your own Bitsgap crypto portfolio.

Who is it for?

Bitsgap Accelerator is for anybody who is serious about growing their Bitgap Portfolio. Learn how you can use Bitsgap to grow your crypto portfolio, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Why does it exist?

I’ve created this Bitsgap Accelerator because there is nothing that exists that allows serious Bitsgap users to cut through the noise cluttering their Discords and Telegram feeds. Get NO BS access to real strategies and processes used by myself and other members investing “real money” using Bitsgap.

Who is it not for?

Bitsgap Accelerator Course is not for you if you’re wanting to get rich quick. Not interested in learning. Not aware of the risks associated with crypto investing and trading. Looking for magic settings, coin pairs, and strategies. Not wanting to apply yourself and put the effort in.

Course Outline

Week 1

Module 1 – Grid Trading Fundamentals

  • Lesson 1. Understanding Grid Trading
  • Lesson 2. SBOT Interface Walkthrough and Setup
  • Lesson 3. Minimum Trade Amounts, Fees & Exchanges
  • Lesson 4. Setting up Bitsgap & Your Exchanges

Week 2

Module 2 – Mindset, Goal Setting, Investment Allocation and Portfolio Structure

  • Lesson 1. The mindset of Grid Trading & Cryptocurrency
  • Lesson 2. Goal Setting and Diversification
  • Lesson 3. Setting your investment amounts
  • Lesson 4. Creating a Portfolio Plan

Week 3

Module 3 – Launch Strategy & Theory

  • Lesson 1. The launch theory
  • Lesson 2. Timing a launch – Best times to launch (Entry)
  • Lesson 3. Exit Strategy (What needs to be taken into consideration when launching)
  • Lesson 4. Mindset and Psychology of Post-Launch

Module 4 – Setting up the launch

  • Lesson 1. How to setup the bot for launch
  • Lesson 2. Setting take profits in line with your goals
  • Lesson 3. Setting stop losses based on your strategy
  • Lesson 4. Fixed vs Trailing Grids
  • Lesson 5. Trailing down

Week 4

Module 5 – Coin Pairs

  • Lesson 1. Coin Pair Basics
  • Lesson 2. How to find coin pairs
  • Lesson 3. Fundamental Coin Analysis
  • Lesson 4. Technical Coin Analysis

Module 6 – Backtesting & Risk Analysis

  • Lesson 1. Backtesting Basics
  • Lesson 2. Systematic Approach to backtesting – Grid Ranges + Grid Levels + Trailing Up
  • Lesson 3. How to read backtesting results
  • Lesson 4. Analysing Risks & Setting Stop Losses – Risk Analysis – Entry and Exit Strategy

Week 5

Module 7 – Bot Level vs Portfolio Performance

  • Lesson 1. Bot Performance Dashboard Walkthrough
  • Lesson 2. What metrics to look at to gauge the performance of your bot
  • Lesson 3. Roleplaying the “what if scenarios”- Linking back to your goals and exit strategy
  • Lesson 4. Understanding and tracking portfolio performance

Week 6

Module 8 – Bot optimization & troubleshooting

  • Lesson 1. Psychology of bot performance & trading
  • Lesson 2. When might you want to optimize or troubleshoot?
  • Lesson 3. Bot decision-making framework
  • Lesson 4. The 3 different ways to re-grid
  • Lesson 5. The 3 different ways to close bots

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