Vahva Fitness – Morning Routine 20XX

Energize, Strengthen and Mobilize the Body with Only 10 to 20 Minutes per Day

We understand that people live busy lives and don’t have time to spend hours every morning taking care of their health.

This is why this routine is only 10 to 20 minutes long depending on how you do the routine. The most effective and beneficial morning routine is the one you actually do and enjoy doing every morning.

With this routine you will get a massive amount of benefits and results with the utmost efficiency.

This morning routine can be done with great results even if you are very tired or badly sore. The exercise routines of Morning Routine 20XX will prevent injuries and may fix them as well.

Energize the Body First Thing in the Morning

Moving the body first thing in the morning generates energy and improves your physical health and mood for the entire day.

Mobilize and Lubricate your Joints Naturally

In the morning mobility routine we will go through every single joint of your body and make sure you won’t just maintain your mobility but improve it drastically.

Develop Structural Strength and Improve your Posture

Morning Routine 20XX also comes with an isometric stability routine which is specifically designed to develop structural strength and make drastic improvements to your posture.

What Else We Cover:

  • How to eat in the morning
  • Breathing techniques
  • How to open the meridians and improve your blood flow
  • How to relieve tension in the body
  • How to hydrate in the morning
  • Light therapy and more

What’s Inside Morning Routine 20XX

13 videos and over 2 hours of content.

Health Routine  (7 lifestyle habits)

Health routine covers healthy lifestyle habits you can do to set a positive trend for the day. Take care your physical and mental health so you can rule the day.

Mobility Routine (34 exercises and follow-along & walkthrough routines)

In the mobility routine, we go through every single joint and mobilize them. The mobility exercises are designed to lubricate your joints and improve your mobility without straining the body.

Stability Routine (20 exercises and follow-along & walkthrough routines)

The purpose of the stability routine is to challenge your body, this is why it’s not recommended to be done every day. You will build supportive strength in your entire body and improve your posture. We cover both beginner and advanced routines.

Vahva Fitness – Morning Routine 20XX

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