MasterClass – Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers

MasterClass – Dan Brown Teaches Writing ThrillersPacked with secret symbols and high-stakes suspense, Dan Brown’s thrillers have sold more than 250 million copies, including one of the world’s best-selling novels, The Da Vinci Code. In his MasterClass, Dan unveils his step-by-step process for turning ideas into gripping narratives. Learn his methods for researching like a pro, crafting characters, and sustaining suspense all the way to a dramatic surprise ending.

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. The Anatomy of a Thriller
  3. Finding the Idea
  4. Choosing Locations
  5. Creating Heroes and Villains
  6. Universal Character Tools
  7. Character Case Study: The Da Vinci Code
  8. Research, Part 1
  9. Research, Part 2
  10. Building a Story From the Ground Up
  11. Creating Suspense, Part 1
  12. Creating Suspense, Part 2
  13. Writing Chapters and Scenes
  14. Selecting and Utilizing Point of View
  15. Exposition and Dialogue
  16. Editing and Rewriting
  17. Protecting Your Process
  18. Life As A Writer
  19. The Secret of Secrets

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